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NEW FOR 2018!!

What an exciting time to be #ShapedByPlay, and a representative of Landscape Structures! Check out these #AMAZING new products that were just launched this month for the upcoming year!

Alpha Link Towers

These amazing pieces are part of our standard product offering, and are sure to keep the kids in your care climbing to new heights. These monumental towers combine height and cool geometric designs to provide a plethora of climbing challenges, sliding events, and fun hang out spots for kids to enjoy. Innovative climbers invite kids to scale the outside of structure, or climb inside to reach the fully enclosed 12′ high deck. There is also an elevated crawl tunnel that links the two towers together for access to and from each side.

This structure also comes with the ability to purchase just the Alpha Tower, to save space and make a statement without a large price tag!

Also, it is ADA accessible, and offers a wide variety of play events for kids of all abilities. To learn more, click here!

Smart Play: Centre

For the smaller in stature, we have the new addition to our Smart Play line called the Centre. Building on our Smart Play: Loft, the Centre can combine the Loft with a Market Cafe and a Fire Station for more fun, imaginative play! You can customize how you configure these three structure. Purchase each piece as a stand alone product, combine two of your choice, or take the whole Centre with all three pieces.

The Smart Play line of structures is meant to take kids from early crawling exploration to active climbing and social play. Smart Play is just that! It is smart play for kids in early childhood development stages, making the line ideal for childcare, early learning centers, and neighborhood playgrounds. To learn more, click here!

Facet Forms

To keep up with changing trends in architecture, Landscape Structures developed a new line of concrete products that are beautiful to look at and celebrate the natural look of concrete, while combining geometric shapes to push forward a fresh modern look. Facet Forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are configurable to the needs of your project. These pieces can be used as stand alone pieces or added to our PlayBooster or PlayShaper lines as play events. We also offer matching site furnishings to complete the look. These pieces also look great with the Alpha Link Towers and Geoplex structures. The geometric patterns are a great match between the three! Additionally, these products are made from solid concrete,  giving you durability and longevity for lasting play experiences. To learn more, click here!

Friendship Swing

One of the biggest challenges we face in the public playground world, is developing equipment that is age appropriate for everyone. We want to make sure that kids AND adults can play together inclusively. Parent’s want to have the opportunity to play with their children, as much as their children want to play with their friends. To answer this need, Landscape Structures has developed the innovative new Friendship Swing. This swing has two belted seats that face each other. Each seat is made from our durable GripX material, and is shaped for full body comfort and security. The seats are wheelchair transfer height, and have head bumpers on both the back and front of the headrest for safety. This swing has been safety tested for kids AND adults to use. To learn more, click here!

FitCore Extreme

ParKour and fitness junkies unite! Our new line of FitCore Extreme products are perfect for the fitness focused. These extreme fitness pieces are modeled after things you have seen on TV, and come in a variety of different set ups. With 38 different events to choose from, the sky is the limit! Each piece offers a unique workout clear down to your forearms and finger tips!  They can also be configured to be an “obstacle course” to time your progress. You can also graduate in difficulty as you master challenges on the course, keeping you engaged and moving forward toward your fitness goals. And of course, each piece is made from high quality, commercial grade materials you expect from Landscape Structures. To learn more, click here!

Rhapsody Junior

To add to our popular Rhapsody collection, Landscape Structures has developed a line of Rhapsody pieces that are smaller in stature for the youngest of our customers. The line includes Warble Chimes, Ditty Metallophone, Jingle Metallophone, and Kundu, Kettle, and Goblet Junior drums. These pieces have the same sound quality and durability you have come to expect from the Rhapsody line of products. They are just lower to the ground and smaller in size for shorter reaches. The sound emphases is on the higher notes, keeping the little ones engaged and playing. To learn more, click here!


We are using technology to give you a new look for an old favorite! Our Tuff Rider products have been revamped with our patented DigiFuse technology to bring a fresh look to the playground. There are a number of designs to pick from, including the classics like tractors, police cars, and dinosaurs, while adding some fresh new designs in bears, butterflies, chickens, and horses. You will notice on some of these designs there are faceted colors to match our Alpha Link Towers and Facet Forms collections. These riders are part of our new standard product offering, giving you a fresh, new, custom look without the price tag. These riders are also made from durable Permalene and aluminum to give you the longevity you have come to expect from Landscape Structures’ products. To learn more, click here!

For more information on these and other great innovative products by Landscape Structures, click here!


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    At PlayPros, keeping the kids in your communities safe is a top priority. To keep kids from getting hurt, you should have your playground inspected and maintenanced at least once a year. We have three nationally Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) on staff that can inspect any Landscape Structures playground equipment for a small fee. Each inspection comes with a detailed report and a list of needed parts and surfacing. We can also install everything for you if needed. Contact us today for more information!

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