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New Play In 2017!

There are lots of great new products out for 2017! Little ones can develop their imaginations in the creative Smart Play: Loft and Smart Play: Nook. The adventurous ones in your care can climb to new heights with the geometic Geoplex, and kids can span the globe with Global Motion! Also new for this year is the rebranded Aquatix water play line by Landscape structures!

Smart Play: Nook & Smart Play: Loft

Our newest addition to the Smart Play line of products are Smart Play: Loft 2-5 and Smart Play: Nook 6-23 months. These Seussey looking play houses are perfect for early childhood with their age appropriate play events, and bright, inviting colors. These pieces were also developed with the help of an organization called “Too Small To Fail.” Their “Talking is Teaching” program influences caregivers to interact with children on the playground. Strategically placed panels get kids talking and learning about the world around them by looking at and thinking about the images on the panels. Caregivers read what is on the panels, and kids use the pictures to figure out their answers. It is an amazing idea, and such a great way to get the parent – child interaction that is so often missing on the playground!

The Loft is 2-5 age appropriate and packed with 20 different play events including:

  • Mailbox Talk Tubes
  • Slide
  • Crawl Tunnel
  • Belt Climber
  • Clock
  • Bubble Panel
  • and more!

The Nook is 6-23 months age appropriate and, true to form as a Smart Play piece, also includes 20 different play features including:

  • Doorbell
  • Side Step
  • Balance Rail
  • Table with Seats
  • Flower Marbles
  • Mirror
  • and more!

Both the Nook and the Loft are available in any of our Permalene colors, and come with a free age appropriate welcome sign with every purchase. To learn more about these two awesome new pieces, click here!


Geoplex – Climb To New Heights

Geoplex is our newest line of climbers for PlayBooster, or for use as a Freestanding element. These funky designs are both eye catching, and fun to use! The climbers can be used in a natural color scheme, to give you a rocky, natural look without the high costs associated with a GFRC product. They can also be done in a brighter color scheme to give a more modern, eye catching look to your new structure. Geoplex is completely modular, and can be manipulated in many ways to meet your space and budget needs. For more information on Geoplex click here!


Global Motion – Span the World!

Next on our amazing 2017 product list is the Global Motion! This cool new piece is genuinely an all inclusive playground product. Kids can climb, spin, or sit and relax. The Global Motion is also wheelchair accessible. There are two large openings for access, and a platform at wheelchair height for easy transition. Kids can climb on the inside and outside of the structure, giving the adventurous ones in your care a challenge. But fear not, the Global Motion also has a speed regulator build in so that dare devils can’t go too fast! To learn more about this great new playground independent, click here!


Last in playground equipment and new for this year, are some great new speedy, windy, swooshy new slides for the little ones in your care to check out too!


Aquatix – The Fun Is In The Water!

Early in 2016 we announced that Landscape Structures had acquired a new water play line through Aquatic Recreation Company (ARC). Working together with ARC, Landscape was able to re-brand the line into something more akin to the vision that is Landscape Structures.

The re-branding became official in January of 2017, and along with the new name came a bunch of awesome new water features! These innovative, sleek, and modern looking stainless steel events are stunning to look at, easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly, are super fun for the kids!

What would a Landscape Structures product be without the innovative look and features right?! The VersoSplash is a new spin on the ever popular dumping buckets offered by our competitors. The problem with traditional buckets is there is a large concentration of water coming down on a child at full force, which can in turn knock them down. The VersoSplash’s dish like platform under the bucket distributes water in an arc, so the force is much less than with a typical dumping bucket feature. It makes it a great piece for kids of all ages!

That is just one of the amazing new pieces we have available. There are ground sprays, misters, other forms of dumping buckets, cannons, and so much more!

One of Landscape’s best advantages is their color lineup. We have the most extensive, and eye catching colors on the market. These colors can be pulled into the Aquatix play features, giving your splash pad a cohesive look to your playground. It really gives a “WOW” factor to your new space!

Contact your local Sales Manager to learn more about these and all of the other great products new for this year! We look forward to hearing from you!

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