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New Products for 2016!

Every manufacturer Countryside reps has some great new products out for 2016! Here is what is new and exciting for this year:

Landscape Structures


SkyWays Shade Systems

SkyWays Shade Systems

SkyWays, the company’s largest shade structure offering, is perfect for the playground and anywhere a large amount of shade coverage is needed—at the ball field, on the beach, in a parking lot and much more.

Designed to meet the demands of both heat and sun, SkyWays is the most versatile way to shade kids and families from up to 97 percent of harmful UV rays, and keep structures as much as 30-degrees cooler. In addition to the five standard styles of SkyWays Shade Products, Landscape Structures offers completely customizable options to fit any shade needs.

These products are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. These fabric shade pieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are a great fit for any shade needs. They are offered in custom sizes and color options as well!



The Rhapsody collection invites kids and adults of all ages and abilities to join the fun!


The Rhapsody Collection

These fun, affordable, durable outdoor musical instruments were designed and developed by musicians to ensure the music quality is not only top notch, but will last for years to come. Rhapsody equipment is not only great for all ages, they are also wheelchair friendly. The mallets on the chimes are wheelchair height, and the arc design allows the user to reach both sides for full use. The drums are also wheelchair height so kids of all abilities can join the fun. They are also a great sensory experience for kids with cognitive needs!

These pieces can be purchased as a set, or individually to meet all needs and budgets.


Smart Play: Venti


Smart Play: Venti

The newest addition to the Smart Play line of equipment is the Smart Play: Venti. Unlike the Cube and Motion, the Venti is specifically built with older kids in mind. It features 20 different play events that target each one of a child’s developmental needs. It is also compact in size, and budget friendly. The structure also has an artistic, modern design that is both durable for longevity, and beautiful to look at. Venti is also ADA compliant, and features a transfer station for wheelchair access.

Unlike many of our other play structures, Venti is also available in a surface mount option, making it a great choice for indoor play settings!

Some of Venti’s play events include:210739-smartplay-venti_1

  1. 2 Different Slides
  2. Cargo Net
  3. Belt Hammock
  4. Square Loop Incline
  5. Cabin Climber
  6. Fire Pole
  7. Swiggle Knots Bridge

And More!!


DigiFuse & Too Small To Fail

DigiFuse Robot Theme

DigiFuse Robot Theme

DigiFuse is a new process that electrostically seals computer generated graphics onto steel panels that can be used as play barriers on PlayBooster and PlayShaper equipment. They can be custom designed with your theme, company logo, or organization to customize the look of your play event without the big price tag that normally comes with custom themes. We also have some standard options available (like the robot theme pictured) that can be used on any PlayBooster and PlayShaper structure. The color rich graphics are durable, UV stable, and will last the life of the equipment!

Along with DigiFuse, Landscape Structures has partnered with an organization called Too Small To Fail, and are at the forefront of their “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read Sing” campaign. This is a campaign designed to help parents and caregivers interact with children while on the playground. These play panels are strategically placed throughout the playground, and give adults the chance to read the sign to the child, and ask them what they know about the information that is on the panel. These panels describe things that are relevant and relatable to young children. There are several to choose from. They include:

  1. Let’s Talk About Bedtime

    Too Small To Fail Panel

  2. Let’s Talk About Numbers
  3. Let’s Talk About Feelings
  4. Let’s Talk About Colors
  5. Let’s Talk About Shapes
  6. Let’s Talk About Clothes

And more!

Research shows that simple everyday interactions such as talking, reading, and singing to young children, especially during the first five years of life, can improve language skills, boost brain development, and have a lifelong lasting impact. These panels help kids get ready for kindergarten, and set them up for success in school and in life.

Along with learning, they are also taught social interaction with both adults and other children while playing.



Poligon also has some great new products out for this year! Check them out:

SolarBuildingInterior lighting on a shelter has many benefits, most notable are visibility and security. One of the challenges in that is running electrical to the shelter when none currently exists. Poligon has developed Poli-Star, which are solar panels that use sunlight to charge and then light the shelter at night. These solar panels come in kits that can carry up to an 18 watt charge, which is roughly two 9-watt security lights. The illumination time is roughly 4 hours after sunset, and 3 hours prior to dawn. These lights are program controlled, and are come on automatically.



download (1)Poligon has developed a way to let natural sunlight into a picnic shelter, without compromising coverage. SunSky panels can be used as skylights or as whole roof panels. They are durable, light weight, easy to install, and offer 100% UV protection from the sun. These panels provide up to 20 times greater impact resistance, the highest light transmission rates, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest wind resistance, confirmed in laboratory testing and in installations worldwide!

SunSky is available in 2 different shade options. A Soft White is used for maximum light without the glare. It features 85% light transmission, with 100% light diffusion.  White Opal is used when the need for light is lower, with 45% light transmission and 100% light diffusion.

SunSky comes with a standard 10 year limited warranty.



UntitledRain guttering is often not thought of when designing a new picnic area. Offering a way to shed water away from picnic areas makes for a more comfortable atmosphere in times when potential users may get caught out in bad weather. PoliGuard gutters are steel fabricated, and are able to withstand snow, ice, wind, mowers, ladders, lawn equipment, and baseballs. Standard aluminum gutters are not able to match that durability.

These gutters are easy to assemble and require no tools to construct. They are self cleaning, are low profile, offer welded covers, and are available in any Poli-5000 color to match your building frame.



ParasoleilPoligon has partnered with Parasoleil to bring you an artistic way to filter light into your recreational space. These artistic, and precision cut panels can be used as roofing, screens, railings, or cladding. There are several standard designs to choose from, or we can make a custom design to fit the needs of your project. Standard panel designs take inspiration from nature, history, culture, and modern forms, and use natural light and shadows to give your space a more artistic and personal touch.

Parasoleil panels are great way to filter sunlight while still making the air flow freely throughout the space. They are also all season maintenance free!


Aquatic Recreation Company

barrassas profileDid you know that Landscape Structure bought out Eden Prairie, Minnesota based company, Aquatic Recreation Company (ARC) last year? Countryside is now your exclusive representatives for ARC in Indiana and Kentucky, bringing you the best is water play!

ARC offers a wide variety of water play options from ground spray and fountains, to splash pads and custom water park designs. All spray and water features are used with either a recirculation or drain away water system. Manifolds are custom designed for each project, and can be installed in customer built pump rooms, or in ground storage facilities designed by ARC. The manifold is designed with your specific site in mind. You can have all features go off at once, or in different intervals. Features can either be sensory or interactive with activator buttons.

There are a lot of different options to meet any space or budget requirements. A lot of standard products are also available in a theme to pull the space together without the huge overhead cost of custom designs. There are many different options for sports, nautical, Jurassic, garden, natural, and more!

There are also climbable multi-play water features that act like a play structure for the water! There are a lot of different features available for these structures including:

  1. Slides
  2. Buckets
  3. Large Dumping Buckets
  4. Sprayers
  5. Waterfalls
  6. Water Wheels

And more!

ARC also offers special effects with lighting ground spray and fountain features. These have manifolds that control the sequencing you request!


No Fault

Rubber Turf

no_fault-rubber-turfNew from No Fault this year is rubber turf. The cost and longevity of standard play turf leaves something to be desired. This new product offering is much less expensive than the standard turf and poured in place rubber safety surfacing, but it still gives you a turf look on your playground.

No Fault Rubber Turf is made from 100% shredded EPDM rubber, mixed with premium polyurethane binder, providing a porous, seamless safety surface like no other! EPDM rubber is the only material that is proven to be the best performing and most durable component of any playground safety surface system. It is clean, man-made rubber that is colored through, which means the color is not painted or pigmented and will not wear off.

Rubber Turf is:

  • IPEMA Certified
  • CPSC Compliant
  • LEED Compliant
  • ASTM Tested for Impact Attenuation
  • Custom Inlaid Graphic Design Capabilities
  • EPDM Proven Durability
  • Low Maintenance

It is available in several standard color options.

Looks like we have a ton of great new products to offer you. Please get in touch with your local Sales Manager, or call our office for a quote today! We also offer no-cost on-site consultations to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your project. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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