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New For 2015!

Recently the folks at Countryside ventured north to the ever brisk Delano, Minnesota, for the Landscape Structures annual sales meeting. They were not disappointed! Among the festivities was the unveiling of new products for 2015. Here are the highlights!

The Canyon Collection

This breathtaking collection of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) play equipment is both stunning to look at, and great for the adventurous in your care!


The Canyon Collection has a variety of configurations for any shaped playground site. It is a perfect fit for anyone working on a natural play space. The GFRC materials used to create these masterpieces is some of the toughest stuff available in the playground world. The longer it sits, the harder it gets! Each piece is hand painted to look like actual rock face, making it a one of a kind. It also has insects, animals, and fossils to engage the kids while playing. PlayBooster component options can also be added for additional versatility and added fun!

Eclipse Net Plus

In this collection, the Eclipse net climber is partnered with special Evos components to make a composite play structure. In previous years, this was considered a “custom” piece and came with a hefty price tag. New for 2015 as a standard piece, it offers great options to the Evos line of products. Some of the great optionalEclipse Plus components you can add to the structure include the newly revamped Blender Spinner, Gyro Twister Spinner, Surf Slide, Rush Slide, and Sol Spinner!

Eclipse Net Plus also has clear sight lines, and a modern futuristic feel. It is also completely customizable to fit your unique play space. It is both function and fun to look at!

It is also a great piece for inclusive playgrounds and ADA compliance. The majority of the components for this structure are accessible at ground level. These pieces also offer engaging play for kids with sensory and cognitive impairments!

Smart Play: Cube

Smart Play CubeThis great little play structure is awesome for the little ones in your care. This retro looking structure is built for kids ages 2-3 years old specifically, but meets all ASTM and CPSC standards for 2-5 years. It features 14 interactive activities that will keep short attention spans engaged. It is a great piece for small budgets, and small spaces, with a price tag for 2015 of under $13k and a space of only 22×22! The wood grain slats are standard tan in color. However, the rest of the structure can be custom colored to fit your individual needs!



HealthbeatHealthBeat now comes in several new options! First, we now have the ability to put 2 pieces of HealthBeat equipment on the same post. By doing this, it enables us to pass on savings to you by cutting down on material and shipping costs. We have also added a couple of new pieces to the HealthBeat line. We have a new Elliptical and Parallel Bars to add to the original 11 HealthBeat options.Elliptical The technology used on the moving components has also changed. Each piece that has moving components now uses a gear box instead of an exposed hydraulic cylinder. This newly revamped resistance technology gives the user smooth resistance selections, bidirectional resistance that enhances activity levels, and visual cues that allow the user to adjust the resistance levels to fit their workout needs. It is also much easier and cost effective to maintenance.

Each piece comes standard with signage that explains how the equipment works. This signage also has a URL that tells the user to visit a website for step-by-step instructions. These instructions explain how to use the equipment, and how the user can maximize their workout!

You still have the option to color your equipment however you like. The only difference is the support post. Each post is a standard Matte Black (Carbon) color, with polished stainless steel connection points. This new post keeps your equipment looking like new by keeping the fingerprints to a minimum.

Additionally, if you purchase 9 or more pieces of HealthBeat equipment, you will also get a complimentary welcome sign for the entrance to your workout area.


New Colors for 2015

Let face it…KIDS LOVE COLOR! The brighter and bolder the better right? New for this year are several additional Proshield and Permalene colors! Here is a look at what you can choose from:

New Proshield Color Options


Permalene Color Options


We can offer all these things and more! Check with your local Countryside Sales Manager for all of the latest and greatest playground options. You can also check out for more information.

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