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Check Out What’s New for 2014

One of the best parts of my job is traveling to Minneapolis and checking out all of the cool new stuff that is being launched for the year. This year, Co-Owner Cap Boso and I went, and we were not disappointed! Here is what’s new for 2014!


What’s Next In Play?? NetPlex™!

This awesome new product is both eye catching and challenging for kids. It creates a fun, futuristic environment that helps kids develop upper body strength and theirNetPlex imaginations! NetPlex comes in a 7 or 14 post main structure option. It is classified under our PlayBooster line, and comes with several different and unique optional play components. Here are just a few:



Get Ready to Fly with ZipKrooz™

Landscape Structures is the leader of Inclusive Play for a reason. The new ZipKrooz™ and ZipKrooz™ Assisted gives kids of all abilities the chance to fly!Z

The 4 wheel trolley design glides smoothly from end to end using the child’s body weight to move the seat. The curved top beam design allows for the ZipKrooz™ to be installed at ground level. No need for mounding dirt! The beam is also designed so that a child will glide from end to end without stopping in the center, or stopping abruptly.

It offers a 2-way ride back and forth. A child can ride to one side, and push off of the landing platform to glide back to the other side. ZThere is no reason to get off! The ride keeps going!

This is my favorite part about the ZipKrooz™. Kids of all abilities can play together because of 2 different seat options. The first option is a large, black cable that is connected to a poly disc seat. The second option is available with ZipKrooz™ Assisted. With this one, a Molded Bucket Seat with safety harness is used in place of the cable and disc seat. It is connected to the ZipKrooz™ trolley by way of 4 cables, kind of like a swing seat. The seat harness locks into place keeping the child secure during the ride. The best part is, you can add a ZipKrooz™ Assisted to a poly disc seat  ZipKrooz™, and kids of all abilities can play together!

You can build your ZipKrooz in 3 different lengths. We offer a 34′, a 50′, and a 66′ option to meet any playground need. Different lengths can be added as additional bays making additional play cost less. You can watch a video on ZipKrooz™ on our homepage!


 Meet the Award Winning GeoNetrix!

Looking for something uniquely Landscape Structures? Try out the new GeoNetrix! This amazing looking structure was voted “Best Visual Appeal” at the 2013, ASLA show in Boston.G This structure challenges every muscle group in a child’s body with several unique and challenging activities. There is not a single spot on this structure that a child cannot climb on! This structure features something called graduated challenge. Meaning, the child starts at the bottom and works their way up gradually with a series of different events at different elevations. The higher they venture, the more muscle groups they are working. Want to know more? Call your local Sales Manager for details!



Get More to Explore Using Less with  Smart Play: Motion!

This was another one of my favorites at the meeting. Every square inch of this little structure packs a punch for kids 2-5 years of age! This little structure has 16 different play activities focusing on different learning and sensory experiences. Here is what you can find:

  1. Race Car TrackPicture1
  2. Alphabet Panel
  3. Ring-A-Bell Panel
  4. Bongo Drums
  5. Shape & Fit Table
  6. Leaf Trail
  7. Numbers Climber
  8. Curved Slide
  9. Wiggle Ladder
  10. Steering Wheel
  11. Leaf Shape & Fit
  12. Steppers
  13. Sand Play Station
  14. Bead Panel
  15. Crawl Tunnel
  16. Counting Panel

This structure is both great for smaller budgets and smaller spaces. It takes up only 23’11” x 23’2″ and costs about $14,000 (Pricing good until November 15, 2014). This is a great idea for daycares, churches, schools, and parks. It also great for the environment! You can choose from any 3 Permalene® color panels. Cut outs from the roofs and side panels are then used elsewhere on the structure as another play event, making it a perfect pick for a “Green” grant!


New Stainless Steel Slides!

Last, but certainly not least, is our new line of stainless steel slides. We had the opportunity to try out the new Tower Sub Slide, and it is really fast! Kids are sure to love it! Here are your stainless steel options:

  1. Sub Slide – For 96″ PlayBooster Decks, or 10′ or 12′ Play Odyssey Tower. Only available to curve to the right.
  2. Spiral Slide – Available for 72″ or 80″ decks.Publication1
  3. Tube Slide – Available for 72″ decks.

Beginning in 2013 we started offering stainless steel slides. In the original product offering we have:

  1. Wave Slide – Available in 64″-72″ decks.
  2. Straight Slide – Available for 32″ – 72″ decks. (Available for 2-5 structures)
  3. Double Slide – Available for 32″-72″ decks. (Available for 2-5 structures)
  4. Surf Slide – 70″ only.


Of course this isn’t all we can offer you! We still have a ton of great Evos, Weevos, PlayBooster, PlayShaper, and PlaySense structure designs we can offer you. We also have amazing site furnishing, aquatic play, and shelters! We can offer you spray ground products through Water Odyssey and shelters through Poligon. Give us a call today for questions regarding the new equipment through Landscape Structures or for your new spray ground or shelter today!

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