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Add Some Shade!

It is no mystery that Countryside does playgrounds and site furniture; but did you know we also do shade structures too? Every play area or park space needs shade. In the summer time, when temperatures rise above 85-90 degrees, with your heat index, it can get up over 100! To keep your communities and kids active, you need to be able to keep them cool. Check out these great options!

Poligon Park Shelters offer a wide variety of shade. We can offer you anything from fabric shelters (which are great for pool, splash-pad, and playground areas), to gazebos with all the fancy finishing touches. They can be as small as 8′ or as big as you can dream it!

Sail9Sails are fabric shelters with steel supports. They are bright and colorful, adding a fun, artsy atmosphere to any space. There are 3 types of fabric to choose from. All of which have wind speed loads of up to 90 MPH. They use a special tensioner system at the connection points of the posts, allowing the customer an easy way to take down the sails for storage in the winter, or during a bad storm with high wind speeds. These types of structures will keep your area about 30 degrees cooler than areas in direct sunlight.

sundial3The next type of fabric shelter I would like to mention is the Sundial. This unique type of shade umbrella can be purchased in either a stationary model, or with a pivot point. The option with the pivot point allows the user to move the umbrella with the sun. This keeps them in the shade at every point throughout the day. It has an 8′ eave allowing all types of furniture underneath, including cafe or bar stools. These are great for pools, beaches, and parks with outdoor seating areas. This also uses the tensioner system allowing the user to easily remove the sail should it need to be taken down.

Landscape Structures also offers several types of shade structures. The main point we are going to discuss today is their Cool Topper Shade System. CoolToppersSinglePost_CoolMister_screen

The first one I would like to talk about is the Cool Topper shade structure with Cool Mister feature. This shade structure’s top is about 12 x 12, and is available in many different colors. Up through the center of the support post is a water line that, when turned on, sprays cool water onto the user. These are great for playgrounds and as additions to splash-pads. When used on a playground, they are able to keep the kids cool in the hot summer air, without soaking them clear to the bone. This shelter is also available without the water feature. The shade fabric on top is made from a strong, breathable, high-density polyethylene, that blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays. Adding these to your play area will keep your user 30% cooler than without it! We can match the post to your existing or new playground equipment. It is great as a built in part of the playground structure or as a stand alone piece. We have installed several of these. If you are ever near Campbellsburg, Kentucky, you should check out the Friends for Michael playground. It has 3 Cool Toppers built right into the playground structure.

The other smaller Landscape Structures Cool Topper I would like to mention is the Sail. Don’t let the name fool you. It is quite a bit different than the Poligon Sail structures.

b-full-sailThese are only available in an 18 x 18 size. They make a great fit for outdoor exercise equipment because of their size and support layout. There are 4 posts in the center rather than on each corner. We have installed some of these at Leonard Park in Speedway, Indiana. You should check them out!

Now lets switch gears a little and talk about the big stuff you can get in fabric. Both Poligon and Landscape Structures offer different types of large shelters that are a great fit for any shade project.Landscape Structures offers a hip roof Cool Topper Structure that is available is three different sizes.

S Pictured here is the massive 30′ x 30′ Super Cool Topper Pyramid. It is great for covering whole playground areas. It has an eave height of either 8′, 10′, or 12′ depending on the needs of your project. It’s great for playgrounds that have no shade at all. This type of shade structure is also available in 18′ x 18′, 24′ x 24′, and 28′ x 28′. It is available in many colors to match your existing or new playground structures. As with the Cool Mister, this shade structure will keep your area up to 30 degrees cooler than if it was in direct sunlight.

Poligon has a larger selection of bigger fabric shelters. Due to the length of this already long blog, I will mention 2 of them.

gemini1The first I would like to mention is the Gemini. This is one of my favorites. The way it is built allows for more space for use zones for playground equipment. There aren’t a bunch of posts in the way that you have to steer clear of. This giant shade structure is available in sizes up to 36′ x 54′!  We can also make it match your new or existing playground equipment or site furnishings.

The second type of large fabric structure I would like to mention is the Rectangular Hip Roof.

SquareHip7This type of structure is very similar in style to the Cool Topper by Landscape Structures. It is great for fitting over playground equipment with its high ceiling and eave heights. It is also available in several different sizes. They range in size from as small as 12′ x 18′ with an 8′ eave, to as big as 50′ x 64′ with a 12’6″ eave. As with the other Poligon Shelters, these use the tensioner system, allowing for easy removal of the fabric in the event of a strong storm. You can see how dark it is in the shade underneath the structure pictured, keeping the playground equipment nice and cool!

Now its time we move on to what we offer in a metal and wood shelter. We only offer these types of shelters through Poligon. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the steel frame shelters are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to accommodate any size area and budget.

The first I would like to talk about is one of my personal favorites, the Neo Classic Octagon.

NCO-32_w10This shelter is great for a decorative piece to your outdoor recreational space. To me it screams classy. It is a beautiful place to have wedding ceremonies or just to sit and relax and take in the view. This shelter is available in sizes from 16′ to as big as 40′. There are severa ornamentation and seating options to choose from. The cupola pictured here is also optional. You can choose from any of the Poli-5000 colors for the frame and any Kynar color for the roof. Countryside can make it ever more fancy by adding decorative stone around your pillars for less than you would expect!

The next shelter I would like to mention is one of the big ones we offer that is great for an outdoor picnic area.

This shelter is called the Chelsea. It is available in sizes ranging from 16′ x 24′ to as big as 30′ x 44′ . They are available in bigger sizes in 1′ increments. They can also be done in multiple bays. Pictured here is a 30′ x 64′ with optional roof ornamentation and column wraps. It is very clean and modern looking. You can see that it offers a lot of shade, to keep your picnickers cool in the hot summer sun. These types of shelters are great for large gathering places like beaches, parks, and event facilities.

I will conclude my “blog to book” by talking to you about the line of wood shelters that Poligon has to offer.

0_WLL-50_w09This shelter pictured is a band shelter or “amphitheater.” It is shown with custom changing rooms off to the sides. These are great structures to add to park settings with a natural looking theme. Poligon’s wood shelters are available in several different stains, and can have metal or shingled roofs. They are also available in a variety of anchoring options to fit your project needs.

With all that information how does one choose? Well, first I would consult with your local Countryside Sales Manager to see what they think would be a good fit for your project and your budget. You can also do some research at and We have only just touched on what is available in this blog. We can offer you many different types of shelters.

So how do you stay cool in the hot summer sun? With shade of course! Contact your local Sales Manager for details! Indiana customers can call Cap Boso at 317-753-2001. Kentucky customers can call Mary Phoenix McCubbin at 270-302-1231. Customers in either state can call our corportate office and ask for Area Sales Manager, Tiffany Polzin. We look forward to helping you with your next shelter project!

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