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Beat the Heat With Shade This Summer

You all know that Countryside does an awesome job with playground equipment. But did you know we also specialize in shade structures and site furniture too? We are able to give you a “Whole Playground Package!”

We offer 2 lines of shade structures. The first is called Cool Toppers offered by Landscape Structures. b-full-sail

These are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. We have small single post Cool Toppers that are about 12 x 12, but can get them as big as 30 x 30! Pictured here is the Full Sail Cool Topper that is about 18 x 18 with an 8′ Eave.

The second line we offer is through Poligon. Through Poligon we can offer you buildings in metal, wood, or fabric. These buildings come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as small as an information kiosk to  as big as a 60′ Pavilion. GSJ20

We also have lines for decorative gazebos (pictured left). We can also integrate different ornamentation design and amenities with any type of building. Benches can be integrated right into the structure design. They can be built in or free standing. You can also add additional features like railings or windscreens.

We offer Landscape Structures and Poligon in both Indiana and Kentucky. As with our playground equipment, we can also offer you installation and surfacing to accommodate your new shelter.

So what about site furnishings? Do you want benches and litter cans to add to your whole playground package? We offer site furnishings through both Landscape Structures and SiteScapes. Landscape Structures offers lines that compliment the playground equipment you purchase.Arches Bench

You already know how popular Evos is with it’s giant “atom” looking arches. Well now you can get benches, litter cans, and bike racks to match! Pictured to the right is the new Arch Bench. It is available in any Proshield and Permalene color combination. If you are purchasing an Evos or Weevos, we can compliment the color scheme on the site furnishings to match the structure to really make it pop! The litter cans and bike racks are also available in these colors. This is only one of the lines that we can offer you through Landscape Structures. You can check out the rest at

SiteScapes also has a ton of great stuff to choose from to compliment your playground! If you are going for a more contemporary look, the City View line is a great choice.CityView_113

City View benches are offered in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can get them with or without backs. You can also get them with or without armrests. We can even integrate your company’s logo onto the bench via a plate or medallion. There are also litter cans and planters that compliment this line to give you a complete package!

SiteScapes also offers more sleek looking, modern amenities. The new Barristro line offers a modern feel to any play place. These compliment Evos and Weevos’ sleek lines and bright colors.

barristro_018_sqThere are tons of different options to choose from with SiteScapes. You can check out their full line of seating, tables, litter cans, planters and more at

We offer SiteScapes and Landscape Structures site furnishings in both Indiana and Kentucky.

What about bike storage? That’s a pretty common piece on a playground. Kids ride their bikes and need a place to lock them up right? RIGHT! We can help with that too. We offer bike racks through all three lines we carry. Landscape Structures offers several different styles. The newest being the Arch Bike Rack that compliments the Evos and Weevos.

Triple Arches Bike RackThese sleek racks can lock up to 6 bikes at a time. They match the Evos/Weevos arch setup to compliment the structure. These racks are available in any proshield color. We can make sure to compliment them to your new Evos or Weevos order! These are also available in just a single arch. A single arch will hold 2 bikes.

Landscape Structures also has a really cool new bike rack to compliment a natural themed playground. The new Maple Leaf bike racks are a great addition to any natural play space! They are a nice compliment to trails too.

LA single Maple Leaf bike rack will hold up to 4 bikes comfortably. They are nice because they will accommodate bikes of any height. These are also available in any Proshield color.

Poligon offers a small line of versatile bike racks. The first is the “Gripper.” This is a bollard style bike rack that is available in many different styles, and can hold up to 14 bikes! They are available in a single stand up or long bar design.

4_BPB-6_w09Pictured here is the long bar design. This particular model can hold up to 12 bikes. 6 on each side. You can also get them single sided. They are available in any of Poligon’s Poli-5000 colors. We can match them to any playground equipment you purchase from us!

Poligon also has a stand-up style rack that helps to save some space. This style is called a Pedal Bike Rack.

0_BPC8The great thing about this style is that it shades bikes from the heat, keeping them cool in the hot summer months. These are also available in a wide range of colors. They are in a standard, one size which holds up to 8 bikes. It is a great addition to any playground. They compliment both natural and modern looking play areas!

Now on to SiteScapes. What can they offer in the way of bike racks? The most common rack ordered is the “Serpentine Style” bike rack. These are knows as the Echo Wave.

echo_012_sqThese are available in a 5 bike capacity (2-arch), up to a 13 bike capacity (7-arch). These are available in any of SiteScapes’ many color choices. We can compliment these to any playground equipment and other site furniture you want to order!

SiteScapes also offers another classic style called a Grid Style bike rack. This style is great for parking a large number of bikes in a single area.

They are also a very economical idea for a tight budget. We can get these in any of the color options available from SiteScapes, and can match them to any playground equipment!

So that’s a lot to take in right? There’s so many choices how does one decide? That’s easy. Contact your local Sales Manager and they can walk you through the best options. Indiana customer can call Cap Boso at 317-753-2001. Kentucky customer can contact Mary Phoenix McCubbin at 270-302-1231. You can also contact us at our corportate office in Parker City, Indiana at 866-959-7866. We are here to help!

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    At PlayPros, keeping the kids in your communities safe is a top priority. To keep kids from getting hurt, you should have your playground inspected and maintenanced at least once a year. We have three nationally Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) on staff that can inspect any Landscape Structures playground equipment for a small fee. Each inspection comes with a detailed report and a list of needed parts and surfacing. We can also install everything for you if needed. Contact us today for more information!

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