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Some “Good News” from Summitville Elementary

CCI02202013_0001Recently, Area Sales Manager, Tiffany Polzin, was featured in an article with Principal, Wendy Smedley, of Summitville Elementary for the schools recent Landscape Structures’ 2013 catalog photo shoot. Nestled in the cornfields of Grant County, Summitville is a small town of about 1001 people. Their small town spirit, and the love for the kids of their community, prompted Wendy to push for fundraising to get the Elementary School a new playground. Through combined fundraising efforts, the first phase of playground was purchased and installed in 2010. The first phase featured a Stand-Up Seesaw, a Single Orbiter Spinner, and a 2 Arch Evos with a Hemisphere Net Climber and O-Zone Rings. After the first phased was installed, Wendy partnered with Tiffany and they began designing phase 2 of the project. One of the biggest things on Wendy’s wish list was for the structure to have 2 slides. Tiffany worked closely with Wendy, designer Nikki Hall of Landscape Structures, and Countryside Foreman Bill Upchurch. After several meetings, Wendy was presented with a new design. The new equipment features the 2 new Surf Slides, a Swiggle Six Bridge, and a Gyro Twister. When the design was in the works, the Surf Slides were not even available to the market as a standard product. It took time and effort to get everything in place, and to ensure the slides were properly engineered, and would also fit within the space allotted for the playground.

In April of 2012, Wendy and the school procured the final funding needed to get Phase 2 ordered. A special thanks to Mr. Ralph Hazelbaker, who believed in the project and donated a large sum of money to get the project off the ground. With the help of Mr. Dave Baney of Baney Excavating (and parent of a Summitville student), and Physical Education teacher Mr. Christian Fox, Countryside was able to supervise a community build to save the school money, and to ensure the playground was installed safely and to specification. What started as a dream, became a beautiful black, yellow, and granite reality! The structure fit perfectly into the space, and Wendy was able to get both of the slides she wanted!

After the build completion, the structure caught the eye of Landscape Structures for its unique color scheme (black and yellow for the Summitville Goblins) and equipment set up. No Evos had ever been designed with the 2 new Surf Slides. Coupled with that and the unique color scheme, they thought the structure would make a great addition to the 2013 catalog. Tiffany partnered again with Wendy, and this time with Marketing Project Manager, Laura Rislund and Graphic Supervisor & Photographer, Mike Bigalke of Landscape Structures. Through their combined efforts, Landscape Structures was able to feature 20 students from Summitville Elementary in a photo shoot. Each child that returned the permission slip met out on the playground on September 13th. The day turned out beautifully. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! After the kids got some quick direction to “PLAY AND HAVE FUN!”, Mike then did a few quick shots of the overall equipment and then ran around with the kids and his camera.

After the photos were released, Tiffany sent them to Wendy, and featured them on Countryside’s Website and Facebook page. In January of this year, 2 exciting things happened. The 2013 Landscape Structures catalog was released, featuring a full color 2-page spread of Summitville Elementary, located on pages 72-73. There was also a shot of 6th Grader Kasey Cleaver having a ball going down one of the new Surf Slides. This photo was featured on page 105. The other exciting thing that happened was, Steve King, CEO and Founder of Landscape Structures wrote a Biography. Inside, there was a picture of Summitville 6th Grader, Aryana Campbell, with a giant smile on her face! Overcome with excitment, Tiffany contacted Wendy directly after returning from the Landscape Structures 2013 Sales Meeting, where both the catalog and the book were released. Tiffany asked if Wendy would mind if she hand delivered both catalogs for all of the students, and a copy of the book. The answer was an enthusiastic YES!

On January 30th, Wendy called all of the kids that participated in the photo shoot to come down to the cafeteria. After Wendy introduced both Tiffany and photograper and reporter Jenny Renbarger of the Alexandria Times Tribune, Tiffany presented 6th Grader, Aryana Taylor, with the book her picture was featured in. The staff at Countryside all took the time to sign the book for Aryana. Another copy of the book was presented to Wendy. Rather than keeping the book, Wendy decided to put it in the library for all the students to enjoy!

After the book was presented, Wendy called Kasey Cleaver up, and Tiffany presented her with a copy of the catalog with the page marked featuring her picture. After that, Wendy passed out a copy of the catalog to all of the kids that participated in the shoot.

Though it was a long process, it was well worth the wait and the work. Summitville Elementary now has its own spot in Landscape Structures and Countryside history! Countryside would like to extend a special thank you to Wendy, Laura, Mike, Dave, and Christian for all of their hard work, and for believing in us to help you achieve your dream!

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