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How to Raise Money for Your New Playground

One of the biggest challenges facing new playground equipment purchases is the cost. Commercial playground equipment is built to last decades rather than a few years. Additionally, it is manufactured to order which makes it very expensive. It’s not something you can walk in and buy with a credit card. At a minimum, cost on a new structure is about $5000. This is for a very small post and deck structure with only a couple play components. After that, the sky is the limit. Plus, not only does the purchaser have to buy the equipment, they also have to purchase safety surfacing and pay for freight and installation. Even a small project can be upwards of $10,000.

So how does one go about getting the funds to pay for something this expensive? There are many different fundraising options to choose from. There is a new initiative out there now that focuses on fitness rather than goods for fundraising. I personally think this is the best way to go. There are no magazines, no deliveries, no door to door selling for the little ones, and it is a lot healthier than cookies and chocolate! We have partnered with Pride Fundraising and Fund Monkey to bring a fitness edge to fundraising. Pride focuses on walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and marathons. Fund Monkey will allow the fundraiser to make any kind of activity produce money. My personal favorite is a skate-a-thon! Plus, since there is no product to buy, you will end up with 95% of your profits IN YOUR POCKET! All the you have to do is pay for the licensing and the software. The registration comes with a starter kit for up to 100 participants, a custom event Web page, the ability to takes payments online, and step-by-step tools and resources to make planning and hosting the event run smoothly. Plus, if you work with us, we will give you a 99% savings on your registration with either program!

If this type of fundraising isn’t really something that will work for you, there are also a number of grants available for customers to apply for. There are a couple of snags to this though. It is not guaranteed money like a group fundraiser would be. Adding to that, there is a lot of work involved with grants. You have to write essays, do research, and make sure you meet all of the criteria to be considered. The plus side to a grant is that there is no selling involved and you don’t need to collect money. If awarded the grants, they simply send you a letter and then a check. If you would like a copy of the grant guide, please contact me and I will get one over to you.

If you think you would like to sell something for a fundraiser, there are many options. You can do candy, popcorn, meat and cheese, stationary, pet supplies, etc…The list is endless. Make sure to check the fine print on these to see how much of the actual profit you will be able to keep. They typically range anywhere from $.20 to $.60 on the dollar. I have also seen where organizations have rented roasters and had a cookout to raise money.

Please don’t think you have only one option you can do. Many organizations will combine grant writing with group fundraisers to maximize their funds for their project.

However you choose to raise the money you need, use your playground rep as a resource. We are trained to help you with the process from planning to installation. I have personally helped several organizations with research for their grant writing and I have worked with others on a walk-a-thon. We value your business and want to be here for you from beginning to end.

Should you want any more information about fundraising, please contact me at the office at 866-959-7866 or by email at

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